CMMC Rule links to text (with December 26 content)!

CMMC proposed rule link to documents

Here are links to the text of the CMMC Proposed Rule:

32 CFR (CMMC Program)

Downloadable PDF of Federal Register text (this version has page numbers):

Federal Register home page for CMMC and comments:

Docket Information (the rule agenda):

Public comments posted regarding rule:

Regulatory Impact Analysis 32 CFR Part 170 (analysis of changes and cost):

Initial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis 32 CFR (benefits and costs, impact to small business):

CMMC Guides (assessment guides, scoping, etc)

CMMC Guidance documents home and comments page:

Notice of Guidance for CMMC:

CMMC Model Overview:

Scoping Guide – CMMC Level 1:

Scoping Guide – CMMC Level 2:

Scoping Guide – CMMC Level 3:

Assessment Guide – CMMC Level 1:

Assessment Guide – CMMC Level 2:

Assessment Guide – CMMC Level 3:

Hashing Guide (used during assessments only):

Assessment Reporting Templates

Assessment reporting home and comments page:

Paperwork Reduction Act review:

CMMC Level 2 Pre-Assessment Reporting:

CMMC Level 2 Assessment Results Reporting:

CMMC Level 3 Pre-Assessment Reporting Mock-up:

CMMC Level 3 Assessment Results Reporting Mock-up:

Hashing Guide (again):

eMASS Reporting Job Aid for C3PAOs

eMASS job aid home and comments:

eMASS User Job Aid:

48 CFR (DFARS 252.204-7012, 7019)

48 CFR tracking page (due in 2024):

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Webinar invite – CMMC Rule Review

Please register below for a webinar review of the CMMC Rule on December 27, 2023, 11:00am EST. If you can’t make it or missed it, register anyways and we will send you a link to the recording.

This webinar is hosted by Kieri Solutions (our sponsor).

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