Certified Assessors (Certified Professionals, CCAs, CCPs )

This page will be a central location for CMMC professionals on the Certified Assessor track. Please send information if you see anything that is useful to CCAs and CCPs from a career perspective.

Video – what it’s like to be a CMMC Lead Assessor

Next, read our in-depth guide on how to become a CMMC Assessor, including Certified CMMC Professional as well as Certified CMMC Assessor.

How to be a CMMC Assessor

The Cyber-AB Marketplace will list you if you have taken the training and passed the CCA exam. It will show additional “check-marks” if you have passed suitability and if you have participated in three assessments. Your C3PAO is responsible for reporting the assessments to the Cyber-AB.

At this point, if you have your suitability determination and assessment experience, many C3PAOs are allowing their CCAs to lead assessments.


U.S. Citizen and achieve a favorably adjudicated Tier 3 suitability determination

Associated with a C3PAO organization that is authorized to perform assessments

Maintain ethical behavior per Code of Professional Conduct and as needed to maintain Suitability Determination


Are you ready to spend your life on the road, or in virtual meetings, visiting 20 different companies or sites per year?

Are you ready to agonize about whether to record a NOT-MET requirement, and take all of the pressure that comes with it, for several months afterward?

Are you willing to continue training and fees to maintain your certified status?

More on being a Certified Assessor (CA) or Certified Professional (CP)

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