CMMC Scoping for Level 1

Screenshot from the level 1 scope video

This video is provided by Amira Armond and Jil Wright (CMMC Provisional Assessors and Provisional Instructors) from Kieri Solutions, an Authorized C3PAO.

Topics included are:

  • What Federal Contract Information is
  • Whether CUI is Federal Contract Information
  • How Level 1 scope interacts with Level 2 scope (if you have both FCI and CUI)
  • What is an FCI Asset
  • What is a Specialized Asset
  • How is the DoD making a risk decision to reduce cost at Level 1?
  • How to determine if something is Out of Scope
  • What if an asset is both an FCI Asset and a Specialized Asset?

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Kieri Solutions is an Authorized C3PAO providing CMMC and 800-171 assessment and preparation services. They offer a unique package of CMMC documentation templates called the Kieri Compliance Documentation (KCD) which is ideal for networks and enclaves with less than 1,000 users.
Kieri sponsors CMMCAudit.ORG and provides free explanations of CMMC concepts so that the Defense Industrial Base can be more secure. If you like how we think, check them out for CMMC prep or assessment services!

CMMC Assessment, Joint Surveillance Assessment, and Consulting:

Kieri Compliance Documentation:

One thought on “CMMC Scoping for Level 1

  1. Eddie Hood says:

    Good afternoon, and thank you for all you do.
    I have been taking the “Federal Contract” part of FCI literally but recently enough doubt seeds have been planted that I have this huge doubt tree growing inside.
    We get Flow-downs contracts only from main contractors (GD, LM, Boeing etc.). I was considering just the “legal” contract and anything other documents that were tightly coupled to the hip of the “contract” as FCI, and it kept in our level 1 cloud, and anything SOW’s, technical specs, drawings, schematics, etc. under that “contract” as CUI/CTI or ITAR based on labels, and that kept in a GCCHigh Cloud enclave.
    Am I off base with this thinking?

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