Webinar – CMMC Proposed Rule Review

32CFR CMMC Proposed Rule webinar

Our sponsor, Kieri Solutions, produced this webinar to review the hottest topics of the CMMC Proposed Rule.

Thanks to Vincent Scott, Brian Hubbard, Jil Wright, and Amira Armond (all Certified CMMC Assessors and Instructors) for providing insightful review and commentary!

32CFR CMMC Proposed Rule Webinar

What are your thoughts?

Do you think Certification Assessments will be available before the rule goes live?

Have you already had a JSVA? Planning to get one after this?

One thought on “Webinar – CMMC Proposed Rule Review

  1. Rob Clark says:

    Really helpful webinar, thanks so much for taking the time to go through it. We are planning to use an Enclave and we will be using CrowdStrike GovCloud for AV on the virtual desktops and servers in the Enclave. Those resources would have sensors installed which would connect to the CrowdStrike GovCloud for sending logs, alerts, telemetry, etc. CrowdStrike is FedRAMP Moderate but not CMMC Level 2 certified. The rule and your discussion seems to indicate that CrowdStrike would need to have their GovCloud CMMC Level 2 certified before we could get our Enclave certified, as we consider it a Security Protection Asset. Is that right?

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