Joint Surveillance Assessment – what is it like?

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This is an interview with Jose Rojas (TTC) and Ozzie Saeed (IntelliGRC) about their experience being assessed by Kieri Solutions, an Authorized C3PAO, as part of the Joint Surveillance Voluntary assessment program.

Other than the obvious congratulations to both of them for helping TTC achieve a perfect “110” score on their assessment, we discuss what the assessment was like, the planning process, how long it took, how DIBCAC participated, and the result process.

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Kieri Solutions is the sponsor for They are an Authorized C3PAO, passed their own CMMC Level 2 assessment by the DoD in early 2022, and are actively performing Joint Surveillance Voluntary Assessments of 800-171 compliance. Kieri Solutions offers expert assessmentpreparation, and compliance documentation services. We recommend reaching out to them if you are struggling with your documentation or want to get in the queue for a CMMC Level 2 assessment.

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