CMMC Assessment Part 3 – Interview with Jeff Dalton CMMC Assessments Part 3 with a list of topics, such as evidence, scanning, facilities, quality checks, and publishing

Hello folks, this is Part 3 about CMMC assessments!

Jeff Dalton is Vice-Chair of the CMMC-AB and Chairman of the Accreditation and Credentialing Committee.

Amira Armond is the editor of and the president of Kieri Solutions LLC, a C3PAO candidate.

CMMC Assessment Topics Part 3

  • How does evidence work?
  • Will assessors search for problems?
  • Will assessors scan your network?
  • Will every physical facility be visited?
  • Who is quality checking the assessors?
  • How are C3PAO assessments standardized?
  • If a company fails their assessment, are they prevented from re-trying?
  • Can we publish our CMMC level?

This question and answer session will be very helpful for companies preparing for a CMMC assessment. We ask about common fears, such as whether assessors will start roaming around looking for issues, and whether there is a maximum number of attempts before you are blocked from government contracting.

Transcript and Assessment Q&A Parts 1 and 2

We will add a paraphrased transcript below the video for those who are short on time, but for now, I recommend watching. This information is on-par with the CMMC town halls and gives a real insight into the training that our provisional assessors have received so far.

Don’t forget to watch Assessments Part 1 and Assessments Part 2 if you missed them!

<A paraphrased transcript will go here soon. Give it time.>

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Jeff Dalton is the Vice-Chair of the CMMC Accreditation Body and is the Chair of the Credentialing and Accreditation Committee.

Amira Armond is the editor for and the owner of Kieri Solutions, a C3PAO candidate.

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